9 A.M. Talk Net Basics
The 9 A.M. Talk Net started during the 1980's when Arv, WA6UUT, and friends met at 1000 to help new hams. The tradition continues! We now start at 0900 Pacific Time, and meet Monday through Friday until whenever... 1030... 1130 (even to 1330 once or twice). The N6NFI/R (145.23 MHz, 100 PL) is located in the hills above Stanford University, and can be reached from all over the SF Bay Area and surrounding highpoints.
Most nets begin with EARLY Check-ins, people that cannot stay for the majority of the net. After an hour or so, net control starts the REGULAR portion by calling a short list of hams who've participated daily for a long time, then invites additional check-ins. Everyone who checks-in to the regular part of the net will be called again (as time permits) in chronological order for Round 1 and (if time) Round 2.
Please let the repeater drop (beep) between check-ins or the 90-second time-out-timer ("alligator") will get you. A 3-second pause is ideal so new and remote listeners get a chance to make it in. We ask that you ID at the beginning and end of your transmission, to let us know who you are and to comply with F.C.C. requirements that hams ID every ten minutes and at the end of their transmission. Download our Net Script.
Want to reach the repeater from a fringe area or from your computer or phone? Connect to either the W6REK-R node or KR6DD-R via EchoLink (www.echolink.org), a computer program for hams. Henry, W6REK, and Andy, KR6DD, keep their Echolink nodes connected to N6NFI, so take us with you wherever you might be. If you have trouble connecting to KR6DD-R, try connecting to EchoTest first, disconnect, then connect to KR6DD-R.
Thanks to Andy, KR6DD, John, WD7F (www.wd7f.com), Dan, N6WN, Andy, KI6SEP, and Henry, W6REK, for helping Pink, K7ILA (formerly KG6ILA), use EchoLink to continue as net control from Arizona.
Other hams also check-in remotely, further extending our Talk Net family across the United States and beyond. Dennis, G7AGZ, joins in from Cornwall, England; Richard, KE5NWY, from Texas; Jon, WN4V, from Florida; local hams on vacation and even Omri, 4XITA, long-time Bay Area resident (AA6TA), joins us now and then from Israel.
Mike, NE6RD, begins the week as Monday net control. Pink, K7ILA, takes Tuesday. Brian, AG6GX, is our new Wednesday net control. Rob, KC6TYD, is every other Thursday net control, and Kristen, K6WX, wraps the week up on Friday.
Past net controls include our founder, Arv, WA6UUT; Howard, W6HOC (formerly KE6PWH); Jim, KF6WOR; Al, KD6EFV; Kitty, WB8TDA; Ed, KG6KKP (now a silent key); Bob, WA2CFN; Doña, KI6DAR; Gordon, KI6DSD; Peter, K6WEB; Jim, KI6TCE; and Steve, KG6EVZ (thanks for many years of service). Pink, K7ILA, and Kristen, K6WX, joined the net control team in 2002 and currently manage the net.
We are always on the lookout for new people to step-up to the plate as net control. This is a very demanding net, fast-paced, wonderful communication practice and a lot of fun. If you are interested in joining our net control team, take a look at our Net Script and contact Pink, K7ILA, and Kristen, K6WX, via email at their call signs at arrl dot net.
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